Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sledding/Blizzard Conditions

The older three and I went sledding again tonight.  It was 28 when we began  walking to the park and the snow was falling.  It was so much fun.  Mary E. and I doubled a number of times.  The conditions were so good the kids were going down without sleds!  They asked me to try it but I am just too old to risk that kind of shock to my body :-) I thought of the time when I was about 6 years old and a bunch of my siblings went sledding.  My sister Terry was black and blue for weeks and was way younger than I am now!  We headed home after a really enjoyable half hour.  On the way home the wind picked up to true blizzard speeds.  I had all the kids hang onto a rope for fear of losing one of them!  Drew said we were red when we came in. I had not worn a hat and it took my ears a long time to thaw out!  We are suppose to continue having blizzard conditions until 6 PM tomorrow night.  I am glad we headed home when we did.  Funny how quickly weather can change.  When we began it was such a beautiful night.

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