Thursday, December 04, 2008

Back from my Blogging Break (Maybe)

Wow I have not been on the computer in some days. Chloe is teething
and growing, therefore getting up several times in the night again.
This has put me in a brain dead state most of the day and in no state
to check e-mails, let alone blog in the evenings. Much has
happened. Chloe turned 6 months! She tried food again but didn't
care for it. Her first tooth popped through! We had a wonderful
Thanksgiving. We decorated for Christmas and did all out shopping on
line!! Yes we are done shopping for the kids. Drew's Mom is still
suffering with neck and shoulder pain. We have been to see her and
Bill a couple times in the past month but are not seeing them nearly
as much as we would like. On our last visit we had the priveledge of
seeing almost all of Ron and Kari's crew and hearing Jordan and
Jenn's Big News! If we are going to have supper tonight I better
fire up the griddle! Lord willing - more some time in the future :-)


The Horaks said...

It was great to see you guys again over Thanksgiving!

~Scot, Lisa, and Timmy said...

Timmy just cut his first tooth too. He's not crawling yet but he's sitting up pretty good, almost entirely on his own.

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