Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reward Friday

We had a great visit with Pa and Grandma for our reward.  Drew got off at 1:45 and we hit the about 2:20.  Jacob read some of George Washington Spymaster  by Thomas Allen to me out loud on the way.  We just got through the first two chapters.  It held both our interests.  Mary crocheted a hat for her doll which Abram calls Chloe and enjoyed holding.  Abigail read to Baruch and Chloe, well Chloe did really well for the first 45 minutes, then cried.  Enough is enough in a constricted environment when one wishes to be moving about.  Poor Grandma!  She still suffers from whiplash.  Her movements were stiff but she seemed a bit better than when we saw her for Mary's b-day.  We managed to start a game of SkipBo but had to stop to eat supper.

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