Saturday, November 08, 2008

Raisins and Presidents

We are studied the Mayflower voyage and founding of the Plymouth colony last week.  Last week we looked at Jamestown and the week before that Roanake.  We are going through the Veritas Press history cards.  Anyway it is amazing to think of our nation's beginnings in light of the recent election.  Wednesday when I was serving snacks I passed out nuts and raisins.  In the past I have been in the habit of sprinkling some chocolate chips in with their nuts.  Because we have been sick I have been avoiding the chocolate so served the raisins instead.  Jacob said "are you serving raisins because Obama won?  I know we are going to have to stay really healthy for when we have socialized medicine."  On that note. . .I really appreciated Jenn's Blog write up.

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Tonya said...

Beth, do you remember me? Lynn's friend Tonya? How many kids is that now? It's been awhile. You all look well. I am enjoying blogging now too. It's addicting. Love you boys comment!!
We go through VP history cards as well. I am a chrono order freak!! :)))
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