Saturday, October 18, 2008

Story Behind "Can I have Chedons"

I posted some pictures of Abram Oct 7th and wanted to post the story behind them but ran out of time (Running out of time seems to happen often in my life). Trying to live on a budget causes creativity. With the recent increase in prices I have been trying to use my leftovers more wisely. I was looking for ways to use up my leftover oatmeal. What Can I Make With It suggested refrigerating it in a bread pan, then slicing it like spam and frying it. This turned out to be a bit messy and not a huge success. A little farther down the same site someone said they used their leftover oatmeal in smoothies. The kids and I all love smoothies. I fix them frequently. Recently I switched from homemade yogurt to homemade kefir in the smoothies. I add a frozen fruit and blend for one minute. Well the next time we had oatmeal for breakfast I serves smoothies with our lunch. The oatmeal made it really creamy, almost too creamy. The kid reaction was not so hot. As I sensed complaining on the tips of tongues I reminded everyone that Phil. 2:16 says "do everything without grumbling or complaining" and that God wants us to give thanks in everything. Then I started saying "Wow this is creamy! So delicious! I don't think I've tasted a creamier smoothie. Mmmmm this is really good." Before long Abram ( the kids call him repeat) said "Mmmmm this is really creamy. Can I have checondsh Mommy?"

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