Tuesday, October 28, 2008

James and the Great Adventure

Here is Jacob's latest story.

Once upon a time there was a small boy named James.  He was not to large but very tough.  Some people teased him.  James didn't like teasing.  One day he was walking around.  The yard had green grass that shone like emeralds in the sun.  Just then a small band of boys leapt out of the bushes and carried him to the roof of an apartment.  "Your doom  is near little bug.  They pushed him off the side to his doom, which was a 50 foot drop off from the apartment roof.  He fell a few feet then thought,  I'll give flapping my arms a try.  He flapped a few then found he was soaring upward.  He soared miles upward.  Soon he was floating over the clouds.  Then a shower of arrows flew at him.  Then he  opened his eyes.  It was a dream.  He woke to the bright world.  He was at a ranch.  He found his cowboy cloths beside his bed stand.  He had two six shooters.  Once he dressed he went downstairs.  His father and mother were there and the man who had let them come visit.  Then his mother and father left.  Then James heard a Bang!  Bang!  He rushed to the door but some robbers were already carrying off the dead body's of his mother and father.  James took a horse from the corral bare back and rode it toward the robbers.  The robbers truck zoomed away.  James quickly saddled and bridled his horse.  He rode down the road.  Then he heard a Bang!  A bullet flew at him from a bush.  It whammed into his horses leg.  The wounded horse toppled over and James got off and drew both pistols.  A robber jumped from the bushes.  James dodged a bullet and shot the robber.  He saw he was a partner of his mother and fathers death.  James rode back to the ranch.  He worked and worked then ate and slept.  The next day he heard some bad news come from the ranchers mouth "Two of our best beef cows was stolen."  "I'll catch the robber" said James.  "Don't you try little boy" said his new father.  James knew he should try to catch the robbers of the vast plains of Texas.  James got on his horse the next day and rode away.  He soon came upon a truck filled with a large cooler.  James caught up with the truck pulled out a whip with a grappling hook on the end.  He whipped it out and it caught on one of the coolers.  He pulled himself onto the truck and told his horse to go home.  He looked inside the cooler and found it full of beef.  He knew the beef was worth a lot of  money.  So he took out his pistols and shot the tires flat.  Then he got on the top of the cab of the old pick up.  When the truck stopped five wicked cowboys jumped out.  James with great care shot their guns out of their hands.  He tied them up and threw them on top of the meat load.  James knew the hide was in the cab.  It was by the drivers seat.  He knew he didn't have a license to drive but he drove it back to the ranch.  His father (new father) was pleased and let him take the robbers to the sheriff.

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